#wattpad #short-story "Hello?" "Hi is this Dominos?" "No this is Patrick" "Haha.......so this is Dominos?" "No! This is Patrick!" "Okay so can I please have two large meatlove-" "This isn't Dominos" "But this is Patrick, okay I'll get one crabby patty please!" "No! Stop!" "Excuse me that's not a nice way to talk to your...


#wattpad #random Aloha Amigos! The title says it all ok adios Amigos!

Zodiac Signs

#wattpad #random Whether you choose your favourite character from Teen Wolf or your favourite singer in Panic! At the Disco, welcome to the Fandom Yearbook! Where you pm me who you want to contribute into my story and I'll add them!

Fandom Yearbook

#wattpad #fanfiction The title says it all, no smut (ya nasty) and requests are open! Ok byeeeeee

Dylan O'Brien Imagines

#wattpad #fanfiction Dylan O'Brien // Thomas // Stiles Imagines

Dylan O'Brien Imagines - Introduction

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