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Are you accidentally setting yourself up for chronic pain, hormone imbalances, weight gain and even disease by eating these "health" foods?

sweet potato coffee cake muffins

You need to try these Sweet Potato Coffee Cake Muffins. The healthy breakfast recipe that comes with a serving of veggies!


Dare I say it, but the days are getting a bit shorter. From mid-June to…

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Rosacea flare-ups can throw off your whole routine. These 10 natural remedies for rosacea can help alleviate symptoms and soothe your skin.

Vanilla Oil Helps Balance Hormones, Reduce Inflammation

Vanilla Oil Helps Balance Hormones, Reduce Inflammation Get Vanilla total extract contains 26 percent vanillin, while the vanilla extract that is used for cooking contains only 2 percent

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Thyme oil kills infections, increases circulation and balances hormones. Read more about thyme oil benefits and thyme oil uses, along with recipes.

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Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a powdery substance made up of the fossilized skeletal remains of diatoms, a common type of phytoplankton. You can find DE in many commercially-available products, like wate

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Trouble falling asleep is a truly frustrating experience. Your mind is swimming with thoughts from the day and with everything you have to do tomorrow, and the fact that you’re not asleep makes you even more anxious.

7 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

While you gather your tools and start your new habits, don't miss using essential oils as part of your weight loss journey.

Try this soothing, shomemade aloe vera face wash for daily cleansing. Works with all types of skin.

Homemade Aloe Vera Face Wash for Daily Cleansing. This is a quick and easy facial cleansing wash that uses aloe vera gel, castille soap, essential oils and a few other ingredients. Super easy to make. It moisturizes and cleanses. Good for all skin types.