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Diy fruit flies trap

Mosquitoes and flies can materialize in even the most spotless kitchens. Here's the DIY mosquito and flies trap you can make!

Actually works well. Keep some in a spritz bottle under a chair or table for reapplications. Above is from previous pinned. Did not work in my yard or in my porch.

MOSQUITO YARD SPRAY: cheap mouthwash, 3 c Epsom salt, 3 cans of stale, cheap beer. Mix until salt is dissolved. Spray anywhere you sit outside, won't harm plants. Mosquitoes gone for approx. From Paul Harvey segment years ago.

How to Make a Pink Zebra Cake Tutorial from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Pretty Pink and Black Zebra Cake! This is so cool! This pink and black zebra cake is pretty enough for any occasion. The video below shows you how create the zebra effect using two colors.

.LOVE. I am a strong believer in love. I feel that true love is something that is the same among all. It sets apart boundaries and brings together people all over the world. I hope to one day find the love of my life. I know he is out there, but our time to meet hasn't come yet.

Love means sharing happy and sad moments, a smile or a tear. Love is the secret ingredient that makes a moment special, a hug warm,a kiss sweet. Love is. I found my love :-*