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ksc Shut up, shutty up up this is fantastic! "savedher: The husbands of River Song" ☺♥♥

The gif didn't move at first and I just saw Nine and River and my mind went "WHAT" and I just fell over and then scrolled back and just.

Arthur Darvill. From Rory to Rip Hunter

From Rory to Rip Hunter i guess rory did learn something from the doctor after all. but what happened to amy?

Moffat, a great mind! At the end of the next season of Doctor Who our favourite series, Steven Moffat will be leaving the Doctor Who team. So lets thank him in advance for writing ths stories of our truly beloved Doctor.

Moffat's answer to Rory's "They keep killing me" - doctor-who Photo. I'm sorry, MISTER Moffat, but I really love Rory. He's so sweet and loyal. Where are all the men like that these days?

Oz Who: Wizard of Oz mashup with Doctor Who

Sketch challenge theme is "Wizard of Oz". I thought doing a Dr Who mashup might be fun with Clara as Dorothy and a Cyberman as the Tin Man. Doctor Who and Wizard of OZ mashup

muppit docter who

Doctor Who Muppet Mash-up Painting - Doctor Who Muppet Mash-up Fine Art Print HAHAHA 11 is Beaker this just made my day

Doctor Who TARDIS Bird Feeder

This is awesome! Step by step instructions on how to build a scale model Doctor Who TARDIS bird feeder with only a few simple supplies.

It's my coffee and Docter who dreams come true! A Doctor Who 16oz Travel Mug and it's only $12

Escape the present with the Doctor Who TARDIS Travel Mug. Highlights Travel mug that looks like the TARDIS. Drink while you wish you had a real time traveling v