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Once Upon a Time ~ A beautiful Princess happened upon a frog in a pond. He said to her “I was once a Handsome Prince until an evil witch put a spell on me. One Kiss from you & I will turn back into a Prince. Then we can Marry. Move into a Castle w/ my Mom, & You can make my meals, clean for me, bear my children, and FOREVER be Happy in doing so! That night while dining on Frog legs, the Princess laughed out loud and thought “I Don’t EVEN think so!” ~ Barbara Close

Barbara Close, lovely watercolor and calligraphy combination.

Саатчи Арт художник Ирина Румянцева; Живопись, “золотисто-Желтые цветы 1” #искусства

Saatchi Art: Golden Yellow Flowers 1 Painting by Irina Rumyantseva