Blue Ribbon Anzac Biscuits • recipe by Carmen - a family of apiarists Australian recipe • CWA Australia recipes

Blue Ribbon Anzac Biscuits- tried these and did not like the consistency. I think a different recipe is in order.

Afghan Biscuits recipe (CWA)

I was first introduced to this biscuit decades ago on a trip to New Zealand. Afternoon tea at a picturesque cafe in Wanganui. It was difficult to choose from the delicious array of baked goods on o…

Date Loaf Recipe from Edmonds Recipe book

Date Loaf

CWA Quick and Easy Recipe: Apricot and Date Slice - ABC South Australia - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

CWA QUICK AND EASY RECIPE: Apricot and Date Slice Ingredients ¾ chopped dried apricots self-raising flour pinch of salt 1 cup soft brown sugar ¾ cup dessicated coconut, plus extra for sprinkling

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CWA Australia recipes • easy moist boiled fruitcake recipe here

With Easter coming up I shall have a houseful of people to feed. My easy Boiled Fruitcake is a wonderful treat to serve with a cup of tea, or heated as a dessert with fresh cream, custard or ice-c…


The Country Women's Association (CWA) of New South Wales celebrated its 90 birthday in 2012 and as part of this celebration at ABC Broken Hill, we have commenced a fortnightly segment looking at t

CWA scones - 3 ingredients: SR flour, cream and milk

I keep telling myself that I need to get a copy of the CWA (Country Women's Association) cookbook. I mean, we're talking about a collection of tried and true recipes devised by generations of count.

Yummy Lemon Slice however mine with a slight bit of difference.  Instead of using your normal wine biscuits try either ginger nuts or malt biscuits and if you like shredded coconut - this works just as well and gives your slice texture, plus it soaks up the butter and condensed milk just beautifully.

Amazing Citrus/Lemon Slice, my Partner goes crazy for this and its so easy to make, no cooking needed!