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by gu junyi on ArtStation.

Like my Shyllien post, there's another place in Mabi called Hillwen Mines which is also real nice + q+) ♥

Caleb by CookieHana. on deviantART

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little night creature (monster under the bed). loves to cuddle, lazy, sleepy and sweet

One of my Favorite Fusions :) #pokemon #pokemonfusion #yvetal #lugia awesome by kurokono.anime

Drawing uploaded by seoxys on PaigeeWorld: pokemon, fusion, art

Pokémon GijinkaDex - Imgur

Tentacruel Gijinka Lady of Water

Pokemon- Gijinka!Male!Dialga

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Cowslip's Sketch Pad

Artist A unique Mismagius gijinka by request.

Virizion (half of battle maison OTP)

Version the Virizion. She was adopted by Default's parents and eventually joined…

human version gijinka pokemon, mismagius male

human version gijinka pokemon, mismagius male He look so cool O_O

Arcanine gijinka. This one is cool, I think

Pokémon - 059 Arcanine art by Emukon (Sankaku Channel)