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jacquie bardwell

jacquie bardwell
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Cute baby shower decorating ideas

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The Price is Right Baby Shower Game - This is not the greatest resolution, but could easily be remade.

The Price is Right, Baby shower game idea! Get the averages from Walmart Target and Price Chopper.

"My Water Broke" Baby Shower game! Go to CleanBirth.org to see how Baby Shower favors can give back!  http://cleanbirth.org/baby-shower-hostess-cards/

Broken Water Baby Shower Game :) Take An Ice Cube. When Your Ice Melts And Baby Is Free, Shout My Water Broke! First Water Breaking Gets A Prize. -this is so wrong but soooo funny !

Baby Shower Guestbook -Pink Stripe Background - GIRL-

Baby Shower Guestbook -Pink Stripe Background - GIRL- Another fun idea! Guests sign round dots to add to a picture that can hang in the nursery.