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When I took over my soul mate's body I knew exactly what to do. I was thankfully in their home so I grabbed the nearest pen and paper I could and wrote down my Tumblr before looking at theirs that they had left open. I saw their name and my eyes widened, I was in the body of my best friend for the past seven years. After that I wrote down who it was and just scrolled through all the nerdy things they never showed me before until I was forced back into my own body and started up my computer.

I would read this book. I would pay money for this book. You have a customer, right here. Write this book so you can take my money.<<< SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

I had finally finished my homework for the night and needed to relax so I got out a pen and started to draw in my skin; love the idea& mystery dicks


Because photos make everything seem deeper^^^^ what would you do for a Klondike bar? Touch your boob

Anon hate/theodd1sout by James R

For Halloween if I ever go as anything scary I'm dressing as flowey.