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Nerdy Girl Nation: The amazing art of micro-crochet

The amazing art of micro-crochet Yes, that is a crochet turtle on a fingertip. And it’s legs are movable. This is from Etsy seller Muffa. I spotted some of her work a while back on another site, but.

Doctor dolls

The first 11 Doctors from the Doctor Who series are represented here. There's also the TARDIS, of course, even though that's not crocheted. My hat (or my fez) is off to the person who designed and crocheted all of these Doctors!

Nerdy awesomeness: Division of E. Coli in crochet

Desiree Yang, who just graduated with a PhD from Tom Bernhardt's lab at Harvard, made this really awesome set of crocheted E. coli as a present for her thesis advisor. It shows the stages of cell division, with the Z ring embroidered in green