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Old school bird tattoo.

This is my first tattoo right after it was done. The german word for sparrow is Spatz and because my parents always call me Spatz i got this tattoo for them. Done by Franco at Healing Ink, Schwetzingen, Germany.

Flying swallows  Rondini in volo #Tattoo #Tatuaggi

4 flying birds tattoo on the arm of a woman with a white lace dress and a vintage necklace.

Small Bird Tattoos On Wrist | Swallow Tattoo Design Ideas

Swallow tattoo designs are some of the oldest tattoo designs around. People get swallow, or bluebird tattoos for different reasons. Read more about what swallow tattoos mean below. If you want a swallow tattoo and need help coming up with a swallow.

what if you do just one bird like this? I think these are pretty. @Jackie Godbold Golonka

Swallow tattoos were first a classic sailor’s tattoo, representing travel and freedom and the symbol of eternal return. It can also signify homesickness, since in spring the swallow always returns to the place it came from the previous year.

30 Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs: Funny Bird Tattoo Designs On Wrist ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

"I bet this would look absolutely adorable on a smaller scale" bird tattoo bird tatto tattoos tattoos sparrow tattoo and white sparrow patterns design