James Ribeiro Duthie

James Ribeiro Duthie

James Ribeiro Duthie
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Open Roof House: Sustainable Wood Architecture with Style

“Sustainable Eco-House” is a captivating project designed by Djuric Tardio Architects and located in a dense suburb of Paris, France. The residence was entirely built using wood panels placed on a pedestal (due to the irregularity of the terrain).

Small home design. Gorgeous

IN THE BOX: Container Home: Eco: Tropical Container & Glass House: Green now this is what I'm talking about eco house, passive house, sustainable living

Ενσωματωμένη εικόνα

"Humpback Whale and Surfer Surfing Big Wave" Elenai Belli (


We digh this outdoor cabin big time. Lovely wood finish in contrasting colours.