David James Thrum

David James Thrum

David James Thrum
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2 point perspective. construction site showing block forms and more complex vehicles and figures as a scale reference

Senior Michelle Lee always delights and surprises me with her out of the box critical solutions to assignments. In this 2 -point perspec.

looking up at city in 1 point perepctive. all the tops of the buildings receed to central focal point.

Art Elements - Point & Line, Shape, Space. Principles - proportion, perspective tutorial city in perspective 2 by ~lamorghana on deviantART.Love looking up. Something different then the aerial view.

basic concpet of 1 point perspective. simple but makes sense.

My fifth graders recently completed a One Point Perspective project focused on Italy! Here are the drawing steps for this project. One Point Perspective Drawing Steps Enjoy the online gallery!

pastel boxes with one point perspective in the air

Square Perspective Great idea for an art lesson to cover: color, shading, shape, perspective & composition all in 1 lesson.