Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Chicken Alfredo Pizza - This recipe combines two of my favorites: Chicken Alfredo, and pizza! My husband even likes this, and he isn't fond of chicken!

My number one pikelet recipe-endlessly adaptable (feel free to add spelt or wholemeal flour), low in sugar (I left it out once and didn't notice) and good for pancakes too (just thin the batter with some more milk). Fail-safe and delicious every time!

Exclusively Food: Pikelets Recipe - replace with buttermilk and add some vanilla powder .

REAL MEALS: Sandra's No-Tomato Sauce

Sandra's No-Tomato Sauce I have been using this all over the place. and a bit like the Deli Chicken, it has helped save Failsafe c.

sticky chicken

Recipes are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and more, low salicylates and low amines. Suitable during RPAH Elimination and Failsafe Diet.

Chicken Salad 1

Chicken Salad w/ Cashew Maple Dressing (salicylate free) - make your own chicken and eliminate croutons.

REAL MEALS: Chicken and Coconut curry-less curry

Chicken and Coconut curry-less Curry I am so proud of this, because I created it my very own self. I kept joking to Mr frillypants t.

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