Camping Menu Tips - love the idea of packing meat with marinades and freezing in zip locks before you head out on your camping trip!

Timesaver Tip: Pre-Marinating Meat Before Freezing! {this is a great short-cut if you'll be grilling meat while camping. just pack the pre-marinated frozen bag of meat in the cooler!

A 'like new' Thermomix - baking powder & vinegar.

A 'like new' Thermomix - baking powder & vinegar clean.

quick curry (thermomix) add gaps vegies and it was quick and easy to make all kids loved it.

Never-the-Same-Curry (in a hurry!) - Quirky Cooking - I made this with veg only and it was fabulous.

ValSoCal: Pina Colada Dip

Pina Colada Dip 1 package ( 8 ounce ) cream cheese, softened 1 jar ( 7 ounce ) marshmallow creme 1 can ( 8 ounce ) crushed pineapple, drained cup flaked coconut 1 pound cake or angel food cake, cubed strawberries fresh pineapple, cubed

Red Wine Sangria - Bon Appétit

Red Wine Sangria

Extra Stormy Dark and Stormy Recipe - Bon Appétit. Need to make the lemon ginger brew for this.

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