Desi Murgh – Southern Indian chicken curry with appam

MasterChef - Desi Murgh – Southern Indian Chicken Curry with Appam - Recipe By: Gary Mehigan

Death dish risotto with braised mushrooms, hazelnuts and parsley

MasterChef - Death Dish Risotto with Braised Mushrooms, Hazelnuts and Parsley - Recipe By: Matt Preston

Silk handkerchief pasta with Pesto alla Genovese

MasterChef - Silk Handkerchief Pasta with Pesto alla Genovese - Recipe By: Antonio Carluccio

80 40 20 - Passionfruit sponge - marinated berries - whipped cream

80 40 20 - Passionfruit sponge/ Cheat's Sponge - marinated berries - whipped cream- fast and easy- Matt Preston

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