2-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies via @iquitsugar

2-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies

Yep, just two ingredients will get you these naturally sweetened, Banana Bread Cookies. Choose your favourite add-ins to make them even more tasty! – I Quit Sugar


Chicken Burrito Bowl

Fresh from the Program, this Chicken Burrito Bowl is perfect to whip up for a quick weekday dinner or a cruisy weekend lunch.

Chicken Burritos via @iquitsugar

Chicken Burritos

Optional: If you’re an avocado lover like us, serve with our Super Speedy Guacamole.

Raspberry Kombucha Cosmopolitan Mocktail via @iquitsugar

Raspberry Kombucha Cosmopolitan Mocktail

We're simply loving kombucha, not only for it's deliciousness, but also for it's gut boosting benefits. We recommend trying our Raspberry Kombucha Cosmopolitan Cocktail – I Quit Sugar

Lamb   Pistachio Koftas via @iquitsugar

Lamb + Pistachio Koftas

A tip from Rick: "For these you really do need a flat metal skewer, the sort of thing that you are bound to buy in a shop somewhere in Turkey on holiday an

Healthy Meat Lover’s Pizza via @iquitsugar

Healthy Meat Lover’s Pizza

This Healthy Meat Lover's Pizza is the easiest ways to convince your friends that quitting sugar ain’t all that bad.

Wild Mushroom Risotto via @iquitsugar

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Chicken Tikka Masala via @iquitsugar

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is one of the most popular chicken dishes out there, so at I Quit Sugar they've upped the ante, filling it with nourishing spices and succulent chicken thighs, to make this the ultimate healing comfort food.

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