Claustral Canyon in the Blue Mountains | 34 Reasons Australia Is The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Blue Mountains, Australia / Carsten Peter - Yay, a destination within my reach! Wild, remote and beautiful, the blue mountains are a must see for any avid traveller!

Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius Island

“The Underwater Waterfall” exists off the coast of Mauritius Island, a little piece of paradise in the Indian Ocean. In reality, it is not actually an underwater waterfall, but a fascinating illusion caused by the run off of sand and silt deposits.

Waterfall at Sunset by -yury- via Flickr (Dangar Falls, Dorrigo NSW, Australia)

Here Are 28 Beautiful Waterfalls With Beautiful Drop Of Water Can Be Heard On The Far. Waterfall at Sunset - Dangar Falls, Dorrigo, NSW, Australia by -yury-

"Emerald Waters" ~ Karijini National Park, Western Australia • photo: Ken Duncan • more on Karijini National Park

The beautiful emerald water at Karijini National Park in Western Australia -- photo: Ken Duncan.

This is the Wave Rock (Rock Ola) in Australia | Most Beautiful Pages

This is the Wave Rock (Rock Ola) in Australia. Believed to be one of the oldest rocks on Earth, with million years. Its distinctive shape is caused by erosion of 60 million years. Photo: Getty Images rocks-minerals-gems-and-geology

The Australian outback. Simpsons Gap near Alice Springs.

The Australian outback. Simpsons Gap, near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

Swimming deep in an outback gorge - North Western Australia

Waterfall North Western Australia, With massive gorges, crystal clear rock pools and waterfalls, Karijini National Park is a must for anyone with a thirst for adventure.

The falls of Kakadu National Park | 34 Reasons Australia Is The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Jim Jim Falls - Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia by Kumukulanui

Barron Falls, Queensland, Australia.I want to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks.

Barron Falls Barron Falls is where the Barron River makes its descent from the Atherton Tablelands to the Cairns coastal plain, in Queensland, Australia.

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