Charlie Bear Isabelle Collection Snug

Snug is a small and sweet fully jointed and hand finished bear designed by Isabelle Lee. Snug's fur consists of Mohair. Please note that this bear has been aged intentionally. Limited edition of Each Isabelle Collection animal will come w

Charlie Bear Bryony

Bryony by Charlie Bears - from The Bear Garden

Limited Edition Charlie Bear Dawdle

What A Magnificent Bear This Is! Standing at an enormous 183 cm ft) Dawdle is truly the cream of the crop. Made from the highest quality plush, and limited t

Charlie Bear Herbs The Hare

What a hairy hare Herbs is! Made from silvery tipped grey plush with a shock of long pile black plush between his extra long and poseable ears, Herbs is a very

Charlie Bear Minimo Doobey

Made from the finest mohair and wool combination, Doob

Charlie Bear Kekeeza

Kekezza is not your traditional panda bear. Kekezza is made from two type of plush, a short pile patterned plush on her arms and legs in lilac and dark purple

Charlie Bear Scarecrow

Released as part of the 2015 Charlie Bear range Scarecrow is a highly individual bear. Slightly disheveled, as a Scarecrow should be, his coat is a cuddly brown

Charlie Bear Heartfelt

Gorgeous Heartfelt is a very traditional looking bear from the 2016 Charlie Bear collection. Designed By Heather Lyell, Heartfelt is made from a plush that is a

Charlie Bear Emil

Sweet Emil has a stunning grey, brown and black coat that is a mix of textures, making this sweet bear with high set ears a delight to cuddle.

Charlie Bear Dink

Released in 2015 as part of the Charlie Bear Plush range, Dink has an amazing coat made from golden brown, cream and pale yellow plush.