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ROMAN GOLD RING           III-IV c. A.D.

Roman: - century BC: Ring with round blue-glass cabochon with engraved image of a standing animal, possibly a horse. Thick layer of rainbow iridescence on the /glass.

Picardi Roman Ring C.100-300 A.D.

Picardi Roman Ring C.100-300 A.D.

nak artmstrong - roman diamond ring.

Nak Armstrong "Roman Diamond Ring" one-of-a-kind gold in several colors, diamonds in various cuts and colors; the effect of a stack of rings.

Roman Gold Ring in honour of the God Zeus.

Beautiful Roman Gold Ring having a single line decorated band with oval bezel surmounted with 2 spheres. This exquisite authentic ancient Roman Gold Ring is set with a beautifully carved carnelian bezel showing an Eagle. Dating to the Century AD.