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This would be lovely with black on the top layers so the other colors seem more subtle.

Purple and blue hair color tied into a waterfall braid. The alternating hair colors makes it look great when braided and let down on the back. It looks sweet and magical at the same time. The wonders of Hair Colors… Continue Reading →

Hair that matches the sky above!  They used MANIC PANIC® Atomic Turquoise, Lie Locks, and Cotton Candy Pink.

wwhatevver-ampora: “ chezphoto: “ this week’s hair color is brought to you by sunsets after a week of rain in june ” Jesus, I want this hair so bad.

blue steel manic panic - Google-søk

blue steel manic panic --IT DOesnmt even lOok like this i was so confused i had lavender hair not gray

36 Sexy and Hot Half Shaved Hairstyles

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Omg I want this when my hair finally gets healthy and long.... So maybe when I hit 30. Lol

Short messy hairstyle in purple/lilac and lavender pastels.- aww I love coming across this photo by chance - above all other hairstyles and color combos I've seen, this is my dream hair . photo looks a bit altered color-wise, but still love it.