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Solid Black Geometric Angry Wolf Shin Tattoo

fiersome wolf's head surrounded by orate geometry from Otheser's (IG—otheser_dsts) incredible body of work.

I got Merperson! You got: Merperson Like your water-dwelling kin, you’re shrouded in mystery. You prefer to keep the company of your own kind and avoid politics as much as possible. You value quiet and solitude, but won’t hesitate to take up arms when it comes to protecting what’s most precious to you. Which "Harry Potter" Creature Are You?

You know there are going to be Beasts — it's right there in the Title . which beasts [or Creatures. if we want to use the more polite term] should we expect in Fantastic Beasts and Where. the Find Them ?

"The oldest recorded merpeople were known as sirens (Greece) and it is in warmer waters that we find the beautiful mermaids for frequently depicted in Muggle literature and painting. The selkies of Scotland and the Merrows of Ireland are less beautiful, but they share that love of music which is common to all merpeople."

As you've enjoyed the last segment, I'm pleased to welcome you to: creatures of harry potter part comparisons.

Mermaid Maquette (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) concept art by Adam Brockbank

One time in Care of Magical Creatures, Hagrid was talking about mermaids. He made the mistake of saying the words “under the sea” to describe where most of them live. The muggleborns all burst into song, and would not stop singing for the rest of the day.

Images For > Purple Phoenix Bird

PHOENIX - a golden-red bird that consisted of ony 1 animal, as only 1 could live at a time, that would burst into flames & form a new pheonix from the ashes.