Rachel and Marty's Modern-Classic Renovation | HOMES TO LOVE

Rachel and Marty's modern-classic renovation — Homes to Love

Renovation lovers Rachel and Marty Rankin show off their fourth joint home improvement project with this classic Victorian cottage makeover.

Fenton House / Melbourne / Via Lejardindeclaire

°°Une terrasse aux murs gris°°

Georgina Austin relaxes with a book on the front verandah of her double-fronted brick Victorian home in Prahran, Melbourne.

the veranda garden bed can be the width of a step up to the veranda. then path then front garden

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Take a look to this impressive task with lumber to create a magnificent woodworking designed

So, What Colours Do Go With A Terracotta Roof?” | sienna design

It can be quite a challenge to find the right paint colours that work well with a terracotta roof, without the main colour looking too washed out.

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