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If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.

"So they never asked the question, How they could say that she was free, When she'd forgotten who she was before, They said who she should be.

Your imperfections make you perfect.

Beauty has flaws. This poem sounds different when read from bottom to top.

We thought the world was different, and we were right. Back then, things were easier. We wanted freedom and life, the world has stolen that. For that, there is no apology great enough for the injustice committed.

Although this is true . We can change this before it happins. Were not all the same. We unique. Were a box of crayons<< and growing up was the sharpener on the box

I'm fine

I'm fine post girl-quote-text-depressed-depression-sad-suicidal-suicide-quotes-help 47156636259 post girl-quote-text-depressed-depression-sad-suicidal-suicide-quotes-help 47156636259

Pinning just because even though it's dark, it's beautiful

the thing with broken clocks is you can always tell exactly when they stopped ticking. with people it isn't so easy and sometimes you can't even tell they're broken.