Darwinia chapmaniana: An endangered plant native to Australia. Photo by Clare Snow. Posted on Garden Design by Caroline Mullet FB page.

Chapman's Bell (Darwinia chapmaniana) An endangered plant native to southwest Western Australia. Rounded shrub from high.

BANKSIA prionotes. Indigenous to Western Australia the Acorn Banksia is a common and widespread species, generally reaching around 4 metres in cultivation .The leaves are linear, and have deeply serrated margins. The cylindrical flower spikes are conspicuous as they occur at the end of the branches and have a distinct acorn shape. The flowers open orange in colour usually during autumn and winter. An outstanding ornamental species and ideal for cut flower production.

Golden Stalk Banksia (Banksia media) Occurs in the south coast of Western Australia where it is a common plant.

Cirsium vulgare - Spear Thistle - Bush Tucker Plant Foods http://www.survival.org.au/bf_cirsium.php

Edible Weeds - Cirsium - Thistle Butterflies also love it as a host plant so please let your thistles grow