Emma Gorge, North Western Australia EG561DP LTD Christian Fletcher

Emma Gorge, North Western Australia by Christian Fletcher. "Hidden within the fiery red of El Questro's Cockburn Range, lies the spectacular Emma Gorge. Emma Gorge is a tranquil oasis. There is a creek between pools fed by the seeps in the cliffs.

Joffre Falls, WA

Joffre Falls, The view down to Joffre Falls is spectacular and only a short walk from the car park. Joffre Gorge is 1 of the 6 gorges in the Karijini National Park, WA. Joffre Falls is a tall and attractive seasonal waterfall that tumbles into a natural a

Spinifex, Karijini National Park • North Western Australia • Christian Fletcher Photo Images

New Wonderful Photos: Spinifex, Karijini National Park, North Western Australia

Kings Canyon, Australia

This isn't Kings Canyon Kings Canyon, California. It's Kings Canyon, Australia!


Ghost Gum, Finke River National Park, NT, Australia - What a gorgeous photograph - I love the red dirt track, the white gum and the blue sky.

Australian Rainbow

Australian Rainbow Photograph by Randy Olson - National Geographic A double rainbow frames termite mounds in Australia's grasslands. Double arcs happen when light is reflected more than once in an atmospheric water droplet.

Millstream Chichester National Park, Western Australia

Driving through the Millstream Chichester National Park, Western Australia. Another spectacular place close to Karratha.

Nullarbor - Indian Pacific

Great Southern Rail's 'Indian Pacific' crossing the Nullarbor Plain. Named after the two great oceans it joins, the Pacific on the east coast the Indian on the west, the Indian Pacific traverses miles) between Sydney Perth.