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by Peter Stanley/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

A two year old Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) of the Sabinyo family, plays in the bamboo forest of Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. (Photo and caption by Peter Stanley/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

"The Farrah Look." This is Strawberry Shortcake, or Shorty. He’s a Shetland pony, who is currently up for adoption at  Hope Horse Rescue in northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Click to find link the rescue’s website from Cute Overload

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Doberman with natural ears. This is the way they should be! And YES our Dobie has natural ears!

Sea turtle :D

'I'm free!' Baby turtle's delight as he's released into the ocean for the first time. The expression on the face of this baby turtle seems to say it all.

So sweet!

Tell me again about the day you brought me home and I was all cold and hungry and you became my forever human. It's my favorite bedtime story. Our forever love with our pets.


Black-capped squirrel monkey sitting on tree branch with its cute little baby - stock photo