Nappy changing basket, makes a really cute baby shower present!

Baby Shower ~ Gift ~ diaper changing basket, must have 2 or 3 around the house for easy access when baby is a newborn! But also makes a really cute baby shower present!


Charlee's Birds and Blooms Nursery

Adorable spray painted frame with scrapbook covered letter - would work for older girls too! love the frame and letter idea.

Baby infinity scarf neon adorable!!

Baby infinity scarf neon pink cheetah print by MaeBeeBoutique, Baby girl kid boy

DIY Baby! 12 Things To Make For Your Unborn

12 DIY things to make before baby arrives! Love the DIY Baby Wrap and Swaddle Blankets!

Adorable little ribbon toy to sew up for a new baby.

This is actually a great tag toy that you can make as a lion baby shower decoration and gift. Babies are attracted to the bright colors and like to pull on the tags.

A hoodie to wear over a baby carrier

this is freakin awesome! wish i had one when nina was a bubba. A hoodie to wear over a baby carrier? YES PLEASE! Perfect for walks in the fall.

LED Clouds.. Beautiful for a childs room, a wedding photo backdrop or storefront windows! Full of whimsy and delight!

Cloud lights ♥ one of the most awesome ideas ever. Use: cotton batting, a paper lantern, & 3 flameless candles. Pull at cotton batting til it looks fluffy & cloud-like; & hot glue it all around the lantern. Add lights to lantern. Clouds are ready to hang!

Cute layout

Love this! Would be cute on one of walls by window to or on wall with light switch when walk in. Could just put it up now with no pics and put pics in when she arrives. is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about Home Decor related with …

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