Recipe for Maple Sugar Cookies, Brandi's favorite snack. Yummy!!

Soft Maple Sugar Cookies

Mountain lion<<I don't know why but this lion strikes me as a sarcastic lion.....

My last item on my bucket list: Pet the kitty. * * COUGAR: " Pet the kitty?

Jamie's buckskin<I love this horse

Buckskin gelding ranch/heel horse Reminds me of first horse I rode and loved - only it was a mare named Lady

Divided riding skirt like Renna and Brandi have, though theirs would be made of buckskin.

Brushed Twill Convertible Riding Skirt - Brown

Annie Oakley would have loved this split skirt ideal for riding. Full cut, and made of the softest brushed twill so it's comfortable to wear but full of true western style.

Recipe for Fried Corn Cakes, a breakfast I imagine would be very common in Acktar.<<Corn bread mini pancakes *rolleyes* JOHNNYCAKES!

Fried Corn Bread (Corn Bread Mini Pancakes)

Fried Corn Bread (Corn Bread Mini Pancakes) cup self-rising cornmeal 2 tablespoon flour 1 egg 1 tablespoon sugar 8 tablespoon bacon drippings 1 water - although I usually make with jiffy cornbread mix