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Southern Charm

Love the brilliant, trending sliding barn door as a design element as well as a bedroom door. And wow, the color scheme . My barn door is weathered, gray and white, Jess Would you paint it white like this one?

Decorating your Walls..although it looks like most of this chicks pictures are crooked.

Idea for wall in our living room. Family portrait in the middle, surrounded by individual photos of the kids. Maybe a wedding or engagement photo. With a nice quote underneath (or above) te family photo.

Under 5$!  Paint a pallet and use it as a shelf... LOVE IT!

We show you very simple pallet wall shelves design which give you ideas to make wall shelves in your house. These wall shelves add a beauty in your house wall

Halloween crafts

diy candy jars This gives me all sorts of ideas. Think about jar being "upside-down" and gluing the lid to the bottom of the jar. Use larger piece on top of the candlestick and use as a covered display stand.