Jess Morgan-Coe

Jess Morgan-Coe

A QUT student who works at a brewery, rides ponies and loves 4wds โ›ฐ๐Ÿž๐ŸŒŒ
Jess Morgan-Coe
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Peach Strawberry Sangria - Perfect summer drink!

This Peach Strawberry Sangria is perfect to serve on summer parties, birthday parties, housewarming, wedding celebration or to any special occasions.

Quarter Horse stallion JS Tivio Austin

JS Tivio Austin Buttermilk Buckskin Quarter Horse stallion from danielle rollins Gorgeous Horse. Just look at those buns!

Heat Stress Awareness in Horses by HorseDVM

Heat Stress Awareness in Horses by HorseDVM- Visit us at www. for all your horse feed and supply needs!

Horse Blanketing

Unsure which blanket to use on your horse? Check out this handy Horse Blanketing Guide from The Cheshire Horse! ~ Always a handy thing to know

Adult Horse Normals Take 1

Adult Horse Normals - Always have one or two I haven't committed to memory, so these guides are handy to have.

A Horse's Normal TPR

A Horse's Normal TPR. Also a CRT for a grow horse would be uner 3 sec. Good stuff to know. Take temps daily and learn to take other vitals.

Horse age chart

You can estimate a horse's age based on teeth, with a bit of knowledge. Good to have the chart on hand! teeth age chart | ... of the teeth of the horse: (click on the button to view an example

Equine's age by its teeth Horse Education and Anatomy. Horses Learn about www.