Grand Canyon 017

Grand Canyon filled with clouds inversion - A “temperature/cloud inversion” occurs when warm air acts as a lid to seal cool air near the ground, trapping fog in the canyon and preventing it from rising.

Grand Canyon 006

A rare total cloud inversion is pictured at Mather Point on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona on Nov. Cloud inversions are formed through the interaction of warm and cold air masses.—Erin Whittaker / National Parks Service via Reuters

Grand Canyon 021

Grand Canyon is old historical natural place,John D. Lee was the first man who made position to travelers to this canyon. It is located in northern Arizona

Grand Canyon 018

Grand Canyon 018

Grand Canyon 016

“View from Cape Royal after this week's snow storm. NPS photo by Steve - NRim winter maintenance worker.

Grand Canyon 015

“Today we celebrate 100 years of protecting beautiful vistas - like this view of -mq”

Grand Canyon 013

The Grand Canyon Nov 2013 before the fog literally FILLED it.

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