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Above you see the percentages of exports in Jamaica. Jamaica's biggest exports as of 2012 are Alcohol, Aluminium Oxide, Refined petroleum, and Aluminum Ore. These four combine to about 1 Billion dollars in exports
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This is Jamaica it is located in the Caribbean of the southern coast of North America
Daily Life.Above you see a meal in Jamaica called Ackee and Saltfish which contains fruit and Cod fish with spices. Jamaican Food is usually very flavorful. There are many fruits, Vegetables, And spices added to dishes to make it more flavorful. A lot of dishes are served with hard bland bread or yams on the side. Meals are very different there than here in the United States For breakfast it is common to eat fish in jamaica but in the United states we eat waffles, pancakes, bananas, and…
Daily Life. Above you see a picture of nice clean clothing this is the type of clothing people in Jamaica wear. In Jamaica women usually dress well and dress their children well to. If it's for church or just to go out they are dressed cleanly and nicely. Men usually wear casual clothing such as khakis or jeans with a button up shirt and loafers or sneakers.
Education. Above you see a picture of a pencil and paper. It Represents school and Education. The in Jamaica Schooling is mandatory from age 6 to 16, but attendance is not strictly enforced.When and where children attend school may depend on their economic background. The overall Literacy Rate in Jamaica is 88.7% for a male it is 84.0% for a female it is 93.1%
Daily Life. Above you see a picture of Cricket and soccer two of the most played sports in the world. In Jamaica they recreationally play sports. They play cricket and soccer because they have very little equipment and cost very little money to play. They also run recreationally for fun. One of the most know people in the world is from Jamaica his name is Usain bolt he is the fastest runner in the world.
Arts. Above you see a Jamaican carving these are very common around Jamaica. In Jamaica they make wood carvings. A lot of them are of anything but some are of their god. A lot of them are made  for religious reasons. They Sell these and keep them in their homes. people can make them many different sizes and shapes.
Arts. Above you see a picture of Bob Marley. A big part of the arts in Jamaica is Music. The most famous Musician in Jamaica is Bob Marley. He has a festival commemorating his music and good vibes. It is celebrated on His birthday.
Religion. Above there is a picture of a cross. This represents Christianity. In Jamaica christianity is big. Religious schools are very common in Jamaica and many children go to them. A big religion in Jamaica is Christianity. Non-Christians may also hold ceremonies and rituals, that have connections from India, China, and/or Africa. But that have become mostly used by  Jamaicans.
Religion. Above you see a picture of a woman with a cross on her head. That's there because she is celebrating Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is a Christian holiday. Ash wednesday is a holiday celebrated on the first day of lent in western christianity. Ash wednesday Is a holiday celebrated by fasting before easter and putting a cross on your hand or head in ash.
History. Above you see a picture of Marcus Garvey. During the holiday National heroes day in Jamaica they celebrate 7 people that have the highest honour in their country. One of the seven is Marcus garvey. As said in The Indomitable National Heroes of Jamaica article “Garvey is best remembered as an important proponent of the Back-to-Africa movement, which encouraged those of African descent to return to their ancestral homelands”.

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