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The Thinking Themes: Anzac Day Teacher Resource Book is packed with 45 practical and fun activities on the theme Anzac Day. The wall charts are developed around images of Anzac Day. - See more at:


School Days Then and Now - School in the Past History mini unit



History Program: Year Two

History Program YEAR TWO: Australian Curriculum A 10 week History program for Year Two (2). Links directly to Australian Curriculum and comes with worksheets to use. Easy to follow and use! Visual, attractive PowerPoints and over 10 BLMs to use! Keywords: History, Year 2, year two, grade two, grade 2, Aussie Resources, Aussie, Australian Curriculum, Past and Present, Toys, Now and Then, Australian History, Curriculum materials, Australian, Historical Inquiry, History in Australia, Aussie…


An activity to support the History Australian curriculum - to understand me, my suburb, city, state, country, world........