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The Block Glasshouse: Week 5 Room Reveal

The Block Glasshouse - staircase, laundry and powder room - Michael and Carlene - get the look

Blond | Ripple Washing Machine

The Fenn Chair by Blond is an honest design that is sensitive to modern-day use and manufacturing.The design utilises the processes of plywood lamination.


Washers & Dryers - Page 7 of 14 - Appliancist

The first washing machine to feature a heat pump, V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP is likely the world most energy efficient washer of today. The Adora SLQ WP warms the water using a traditional heating element and a highly efficient, energy-saving heat pump. The result is almost negligible energy consumption and 'A+++ -40%' energy rating.

Gadget of the week: Adora SLQ WP, the world’s most energy efficient washing machine

Whilpool Intelligent - UI on Behance

Whilpool Intelligent - UI on Behance

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