Year 1 at the Anzac Day March. Thank you everyone for representing St Nicholas today. You did a wonderful job marching and looked fantastic in your winter uniform.
Year 1 excited about our Cross Country run.
Busy little bees in Year 1.
Growing snow peas in Year 1.
Year 1 have been reading Anzac stories and talking about why Anzac Day is important. This week we created some beautiful Anzac Day art works.
Looking at the changes in our Tadpoles
Doing craft with our 5I buddy.
In Year 1 we have planted seeds as a part of our Science unit Living Things. We are watering them, giving them sunlight and watching them grow each week. We had lots of fun preparing our pots for our snow peas.
Year 1 read the story 'The Lion and the Mouse' and created some amazing lions in Art.
Year 1 girls ready to run in the Criss Country run.

More ideas
The amazing KM kids!
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Thanks for visiting KK Father Joe and Father Joseph.
To finish our 'Welcome' unit in RE we participated in a prayer celebration.
The fabulous KK kids!
Homework task for Kinder, Week 6. Design and make a wet weather outfit for a toy. Look how clever KP are!!!
Vets, Doctors, Nurses, Policemen, Fire Fighters.
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Year 1 with Constable Harvey who talked to us about road, car and bike safety.