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Everyone needs to create their own stress-free zone, although it doesn't have to be this elaborate (or include a sign). Where is your stress-free spot?

Large rock garden landscape

Different landscaping with rock designs for the beginner will require different landscaping rock. You can get small landscaping rock or larger landscaping rock.

Serene garden - love the Japanese forest grasses

The dry streambed of river rocks that seems to flow from one lawn-pond to the other in the upper, contemplative area of this small suburban backyard east of Seattle. Japanese Forest grass is so pretty.

Garden edging from stone

GRASS PATH edged with stones along border. Love the winding grass pathway. Love Grass Paths thin and wide, long and short, brief or endless. Soft meandering path by which to enjoy the garden. I am obsessed with Grass Paths.

TLC Family "How to Make a Zen Garden from an Altoids Tin"

It is said that chewing Altoids mints before performing oral sex increases the pleasure of the receiving party. Is there hard evidence to back it up?

Rock Guest Book - LOVE THIS - then guest of honor can keep rocks as home decor (in a vase, zen garden, etc)

Have your guests sign river rocks instead of a guest book. It's something you can display in your home for years!--much better than a guest book. Maybe not river rocks, but I love the idea.