Street art by Adnate in Gertrude St. Fitzroy. Melbourne, Australia (Gertrude St. has had a long connection to the Aboriginal community; it's now a highly gentrified inner-city suburb)

New absolutely amazing street art

Beyula Puntungka Napanangka ~ Kalinykalinypa Tjukurrpa, 2013

Beyula Puntungka Napanangka Kalinykalinypa Tjukurrpa, 2013 Acrylic on canvas 152 x 91 cm

Bark painting, an Australian aboriginal art form, involves painting on the interior of a strip of tree bark. Traditionally, bark paintings were produced for instruction and ceremonial purposes and were transient objects

There were between 350 and 750 distinct Australian Aboriginal languages at the time of first European contact. Dying languages.

Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) is the Australian Institute of Aboriginal of Torres Strait Islander Studies' publishing arm and Australia’s leading publisher of Australian Indigenous studies.

Wanjina c. 1980 - Alec Mingelmanganu (c1905-1981) Australia (Aboriginal)

Alec Mingelmanganu, Australia, c. earth pigments & natural binder on canvas

Tell An Aboriginal Story Activity Part 1

Students use these symbols to create their own story. You could add other Indigenous symbols/meanings to increase the variety.

traditional Aboriginal games

Traditional Aboriginal games have many benefits and enjoy growing interest.Here’s a collection and brief description of many traditional games.

Colleen Mundy Tasmanian Aboriginal traditional twined basket, White Iris, 22x19cm