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I am the crazy friend!

Yah he has a point there. I don't like spiders but I don't like killing them either so I usually ask my dad to throw them out te window

Hobi genuinely looks like he's about to throw a temper tantrum I'm living for this concept.Awww Hobi looks so adorable still

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Lol learn something new everyday. I need to get to know this band now lol BTS~~~~~HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is them in a nutshell. They are like baby Block B!

suga's face is everything <<< that's true in general it's not even specific to this post

when you go up against jungkookie aka golden maknae

26 Genius Mugs You Need To Drink Out Of Right Now. Mugs for the grammar police like me :)

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dats wat you get for acting like a meme lol backfire