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Euphorbia Blackbird

Euphorbia 'Blackbird' has dusky, dark-purple, evergreen foliage which gets even darker in full sun. Yellow/green bloom in spring

White Clematis | Claude Monet | 1887

White Clematis - Claude Monet -- Completion Date: 1887

Mmhmmm Jon Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi - Versace modeling pic in sepia

Number 4 Spiderman Birthday Cake - only this year will be a 6 - perfect for Riley!!!

Cake - Spiderman - 4 year old - Cute Children's Birthday Cakes

The Great Hare

“The Great Hare” installed at the Cambridge Sculpture Garden (Ontario, Canada) for CAFKA. in The Hare is 15 feet long and constructed from groomed turf grown over compost and topsoil.

Free Crochet Bootee/Bootie Pattern

Daisy Stitch Bootees pattern by Megan Mills

Is there any cake left in my teeth???

This couldn't be more perfect. Look at that happy birthday smile:-)

Sophie Digard crochet flower motif SCARF

Sophie Digard:Lili et Nene -- This is a Sophie Digard product, there is no pattern. It looks like many many tiny crochet flowers linked together. Her colours rock!

Scarf, Veronique - Sophie Digard

☕ ☕ Fuxico em Ci ☕ ☕ Gossip in Circle Crochet.


Leaning ladder blanket holder since there's no room for a basket on the floor