Super six comprehension strategies.

Super six comprehension strategies.

For a close look at text selection.

Text Complexity Raising Rigor in Reading Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Diane Lapp

Grammar and Meaning New Edition by Sally Humphrey, Louise Droga, Susan Feez

Full of practical advice on how to integrate grammar lessons in the teaching of literature, media, visual texts and analysis etc with lots of easy to understand explanations. A must for the faculty.

Molly Bang: Picture This

Everyone knows that a picture tells a thousand words. But what about the elements that make up a picture? Using the tale of Little Red Riding Hood as an example, Molly Bang uses boldly graphic artwork to explain how imagesand their individual .

Linda Hoyt - Excellence in Literacy Instruction - Books and Videos

Revisit, Reflect, Retell: Time-Tested Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension, a book by Linda Hoyt

A Literature Companion for Teachers

A Literature Companion for Teachers. Available from Tceo iLibrary

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