Deliciously light 'n' chewy macadamia and coconut muffins. Sugar-free, guilt-free and gluten-free!

Macadamia & Coconut Paleo Muffins with Coconut Butter - 2 cups almond meal 2 teaspoons baking powder teaspoon salt cup shredded coconut cup macadamia nuts cup melted coconut oil cup coconut cream 4 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

The Best Vegan Chocolate Mousse - I Quit Sugar

The Best Vegan Chocolate Mousse

The Best Vegan Chocolate Mousse - I Quit Sugar can coconut cream cup raw cacao powder cup rice malt syrup cup chia seeds cacao nibs, optional

Today we share a delicious recipe for healthy bounty bars.Note-wont last well out of the fridge for long...

Healthy Bounty Bars

Sugar Free ANZAC Biscuits >> I Quit Sugar ~ These sugar-free Anzac biscuits taste exactly the same as the sugar and golden syrup variety but with no fructose, which means you can have more than one. #sugarfree #anzacbiscuits

Sugar-Free Anzac Biscuits

Caramel Slice - I Quit Sugar

Caramel Slice

IQS Looking for a HEALTHY caramel slice recipe? The I Quit Sugar version is definitely a sweet treat, but with minimal sugar you'll love this caramel slice!

I Quit Sugar shares their recipe for sugar-free coconut ice from their updated Christmas Cookbook.

Sugar-Free Coconut Ice

Sugar-Free Coconut Ice - I Quit Sugar (swap out the rice syrup for low carb sweetener)

Raw Sugar-Free Snickers recipe - An I Quit Sugar treat that you will surely love! #IQS #sugarfree #iqstreats

Raw Sugar-Free Snickers recipe

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