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Just when you think things are going all right...

My life in 5 words, 14 letters, and one bracketed action. Proof that I am Iron Man.

True... I don't even know what's all this noise.. but it hurts deeply! It had no label

Quote - music is the only medicine when there's no cure for the noise my mind drowns in - Michelle Schaper

A Deeper Meaning To Loki’s Hair… this is absolutely, ridiculously hilarious. I have been slain with laughter.

Loki is a strong, independent Asgardian Frost Giant who don't need no Odin!

Now you see me... Tom Hiddleston

Behind the mischievous, vicious, treacherous mask there's only a vulnerable, tortured, broken soul.

Loki ~ Trust My Rage

Loki ~ Trust My Rage. Thor: Dark World broke my heart when it came to Loki and Frigga.