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worth 1000 words: painting all the sticks

So simple, so beautiful, great way for kids to display their creativity. Great talking stick craft idea for kids to take home.

Full Table Line-Designs - from Rachel That's paper on the table- not on the table!

Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash

Loose parts invitation from Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash - Stimulating Learning

This is such a lovely idea - everyone's handprints in a mobile. So many possibilities would the different color paint, but I do love this natural, earthy look.

Being, belonging & becoming 🌟 This was a group project that promotes a sense of belonging to the kinder environment. Working together initiates feelings of security and comfort amongst peers.

painted rock-three colors, lines edged with dots of contrasting

painted rock-three colors, galet orangelines edged with dots of contrasting

Australian Animal Sticker Search Discovery Tray - CleverPatch NAIDOC Week

Sticker Search Discovery Tray - use with dinosaur stickers for DIno theme or pirate stickers/coin stickers for pirate theme.

Desert small world play: impact of lack of water?

BC Language Arts Oral Language Desert small world play: impact of lack of water?

Free craft instructions and printable templates for dot painting Gecko craft for kids.

Materials Required: Paint in several colours White paper or Card Printer Cotton Buds Tray (for paint) Instructions: Print out the Gecko Template onto paper or card. There are two options - a.