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Cao Hui

Sculptor Cao Hui seeks to create a sense.

artense: “ #CaoHui#artist ”

artense: “ #CaoHui#artist ”

Disturbing Insides Of Leather Objects By Chinese Sculptor | Bored ...

by Cao Hui. Though constructed from resin, his artwork appears to bulge, droop, and tear much like actual flesh. Cao juxtaposes inside and outside, essence and appearance. Disturbing Series Of Objects Made To Look Like Flesh

Cao Hui

Beijing-based artist Cao Hui has constructed and dissected classical sculptures to reveal raw, fleshy, innards. Hui has previously pulled the guts out of a sofa and opened the gruesome, gory inside of a suitcase.

Artist Cao Hui dissects everyday object. Not for the squeamish.

Chinese artist Cao Hui turns everyday objects—such as a chair and jacket—into horrific and bloody sculptures.

I think this jewellery is actually made from the Bubonic Plague......

I'm sorry to say that is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.