There is so much about Australia that I love, however, I have always been interested in the beautiful art of our indigenous Australians . With this in mind I thought it might be fun for Possum and I to make our own version of the traditional musical instruments called clapping sticks. Suggested Age: 2 years + You will …

Aboriginal Clapping Sticks

Aboriginal Clapping Sticks are an easy Australian craft that toddlers will love - both making and playing with afterwards. From @ LaughingKidsLearn

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Create your own Dreamtime Story Stones - perfect for learning about our Indigenous history NAIDOC Week

stick painting

Stick Painting Activity - Art And Craft - Art Project

Have fun with paints creating this Aboriginal painted stick. Just mix the paints to the colours you want, give the kids a stick each and let them paint.

Colouring Flags - Aboriginal Flag - Colouring Pages

Colouring Flags - Aboriginal Flag - Colouring Pages

Start colouring flags from all over the country with these colouring pages for kids. Learn all about the Australian Aboriginal Flag and its history here.

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