Spinach and feta cakes

Spinach and Feta cakes - Neil Perry. Served with a fresh salsa, we gobbled these babies down.

Neil Perry's beef bourguignonne

This classic dish rewards the softly-softly approach: cook it slowly and gently and you will get a juicy, tender result; boil it and it will be tough. You can change it up by adding a dark beer instead of wine, which works remarkably well.

Neil Perry's Vietnamese chicken and prawn coleslaw.

Vietnamese chicken and prawn coleslaw Pick up some cooked prawns and some roast chook and this Vietnamese coleslaw is about done.

A marinade from the Maghreb

Hit a tagine high note with a marinade from the Maghreb – the spice and herb chermoula blend.

Neil Perry's tuna ceviche with ginger, chilli and corn :: Gourmet Traveller

To mark our anniversary, we collaborated with Patrón Tequila and Neil Perry to create a Mexican-themed birthday feast.

Neil Perry's tuna and herb salad with a zesty lemon dressing <a href="http://www.goodfood.com.au/good-food/cook/recipe/tuna-with-herb-salad-capers-and-lemon-dressing-20130812-2rqwc.html?rand=1386293523446"><b>(RECIPE HERE).</b></a>

Tuna with herb salad, capers and lemon dressing. Zest, fresh and colourful, this salad is a great way to inject some vitality into your day.

Prawn wontons with chilli oil and soy sauce.

Prawn wontons with chilli oil and soy sauce - Neil Perry recipes for Chinese New Year

Neil Perry's chicken enchiladas.

The enchiladas are simple and fun to make and the sauce is super fast. Shredded beef and pork also work perfectly in this dish.