A creek in the LItchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.

The serene, cool and clear waters of a creek in the Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.

Uluru Reflections, Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru Reflections, Northern Territory (what used to be called Ayers Rock now has it's native name), Australia

The amazing Uluru Rock, located in the heart of Australian outback.

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Rain transitions the famous Uluru rock from red to blue - Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia : rain is so rare, there is a belief that if you see the rock during rain you'll visit again.

Waterhole near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

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Mount Conner, also known as Attila and Artilla, and occasionally found as Mount Connor, is an Australian mountain located in the southwest corner of the Northern Territory, 75 kilometres (47 mi) southeast of Lake Amadeus at the border of the vast Curtin Springs cattle station. It reaches to 859 metres (2,818 ft) above sea level and to 300 metres (984 ft) above ground level.

Ayers Rock Australia - Plateau BY Karezoid Michal Karcz