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Nowadays many people have sleeping problems and wake up every morning tired and sleepy. If you suffer from insomnia in this article we present you homemade mixture of milk and honey that you definitely should try. These two natural ingredients are used for centuries because of their remarkable benefits. Honey and milk are especially effective …

If you are suffering from insomnia you must try this mixture of milk and honey.It is the best ancient remedy for sleep, you only need to drink one cup before bed and you will fell asleep like a baby in no time.

Self watering hanging basket

Self watering hanging basket. The link shows putting a small pot in center and filling with water but I like the water bottle idea shown in illustration.remember to line bottom with plastic bag (between the soil and fiber or moss) - Gardening For Life

Grandma's Favorite

Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton Yarn; Berry Jam balls) One pair straight knitting needles, US Size 9 Tapestry needle GAUGE: 15 stitches = 4 in. cm) in Garter stitch (knit every row). HAT Cast on 74 stitches. Work in Garter stitch (

Donna Hay Vanilla Custard Slice Recipe - use this pastry technique instead of Graham crackers in Boston cream pie?

vanilla custard slice Note: really takes hours to set fully. Used vanilla, milk and icing sugar icing. I Used a smaller pan to increase custard depth

4 DIY homemade repellents to get rid of flies quickly.

4 DIY homemade repellents to get rid of flies quickly.