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Nanjing  rd. by Jodi Cobb

Nanjing Road Photograph by Jodi Cobb, National Geographic A young girl skips on a lighted path on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China. The pedestrian-friendly stretch of neon-lit storefronts makes up the city’s busiest shopping district.

Shanghai Subtle by Gunnar Heilmann on 500px

Shanghai Subtle-this is shanghai at night, but after the great light show. So this was taken after midnite when there were no tourist boats and flashi lights disturbing. I loved it! Do you?

The Happiness Machine by Mark Lascelles Thornton Cities have become increasingly obsessed with images and image-making. Iconic buildings often have a narcotic effect that diminishes social and political awareness. Architectural design is threatened to be reduced to the superficial play of seductive forms; while the urban space of lived experience has been downgraded to a codified system of signification. The “Happiness Machine” reminds us that “space” is the flesh that flatters the bones of…

Image 1 of 21 from gallery of Artist Mark Lascelles Thornton On His Completed Masterwork: "The Happiness Machine". Photograph by Mark Lascelles Thornton

Shanghai at Night by Nicolas Jandrain

Nicolas Jandrain is a talented photographer, creative and motion director with over 12 years of experience in design and digital communication